Fracture ID uses proprietary Drillbit Geomechanics™ to analyze at-the-bit vibrations for detailed reservoir characterization, providing the basis for improved unconventional resource development economics.

  • A 3 component (3C), high frequency accelerometer is deployed in the BHA while drilling
  • Each cutter head on the PDC bit deforms the rock in a manner comparable to an earthquake
  • Earthquake seismology is applied to convert 3C accelerations into 3C Stress/Strain
  • These Stress/Strain Relations provide high resolution, in situ rock properties along the well:
    • Young's Modulus
    •  Bedding Presence
    • Poisson's Ratio
    • Fracture Intensity

Management Team

Chris Neale

James Lakings

James Lakings

Chief Technical Officer

Jason Gumble

VP of Subsurface Integration

Tom Basilico

VP Of Finance

Barbara Pickup

VP of Operations

Josh Ulla

VP Business Development

Eric Marshall

VP of Engineering

Board of Directors

George Coyle

Chris Neale

Chris Neale