Replace Costly and Risky Wireline / LWD

Drillbit Geomechanics(tm) compare well with traditional sonic and image logs as well as core images. In all examples Drillbit Geomechanics(tm) were collected in the same well as other data.

Difficult Stage Identification

By studying lithologic content within each stage Fracture ID can training the data to predict the stage’s frac gradient.  In this example the actual frac gradient is plotted over stage lithologies.

Increased Perforation Efficiency

In a recent example an extremely heterogeneous well’s completion was designed using rock properties and showed a perf efficiency 15% higher than a neighboring geometric completion in homogeneous rock.  These numbers were verified using step down tests.

Reduced Frac Hits on Offset wells:

Depletion affects the make-up of the rock fabric and can be observed by studying rock mechanical data. Int he example to the right Liberty Resources drilled the green well 15 ft below the blue wells to investigate depletion in this area. A decade ago the blue wells were drilled and completed (Well 2 was a monitor well), the orange ovals represent where microseismic energy was recorded.

Clear changes in mechanics can be observed. Having knowledge of well interaction along each well allows operators to be proactive rather than reactive.

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