Jason Gumble, VP of Subsurface Integration

Dr. Gumble began his career at BP in deep water Gulf of Mexico exploration, conducting pore pressure prediction for well bore stability in over-pressured prospects and utilizing look-ahead VSP’s. After a stint with BP in their North American Gas group, working with converted wave data and evaluating anisotropy for prospecting, Jason returned to Colorado in 2008. There he worked for Cimarex Energy utilizing microseismics for formation evaluation, stimulation, and geomechanics in unconventional reservoirs. It was at Cimarex that Jason first partnered with Fracture ID, becoming the first practitioner of drillbit geomechanics, and acquiring Fracture ID’s first data set in the Permian. Joining Fracture ID in 2017, Jason is tasked with Data integration and repeatability. Jason brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation to the team.

Ski-biking, a Colorado invention, and mountain biking keep Jason busy on weekends.

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