Josh Ulla, VP Business Development

Josh has a proven track record of applying innovative and outside-the-box solutions to geoscience problems. Originally from Canada, Josh spent his last 6 years before joining Fracture ID working with ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas in the Geophysical Operations and Formation Evaluations Groups. At ExxonMobil, Josh served as the Global Borehole Seismic Expert, and was relied upon to model, design, acquire, process, and interpret seismic and petrophysical data. Prior to this, he completed his masters in potential field magnetic interpretation, bridging his Mathematics degree nicely into geophysical data analytics. Josh has both research & development, as well as hands on field experience, which make him a strong asset to Fracture ID’s development. He is tasked with bringing Fracture ID to market, listening to operators’ concerns, and continually improving Fracture ID’s actionable results.

Having recently moved to Denver, Josh is making the most of the local skiing and hiking.

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