Improved Reservoir Characterization through:

  • Mechanical Facies cluster analysis
  • Thin bed analysis
  • Frac barrier mapping
  • Commercially significant fracture identification
  • Input into 3D earth models for well spacing and depletion analysis

Completions Optimization

  • Level 1 – Operational application of completion staging to react to changing lithology
  • Level 2 – Apply knowledge of lithology to complete “like rock” together
  • Level 3 – Model multiple wells together to predict completion performance


“With Fracture ID we have found a high resolution, repeatable tool to directly measure rock properties and variability along our wellbores.   Using this data led to confirmation of best practices regarding geo-engineering our completions, accelerated our understanding of a new basin, and has provided a resolution no other technology has been able to deliver.”

Paul Weddle, Completion Manager, Liberty Resources LLC

“Acquiring data with Fracture ID is one of the best applications of a new technology that I have experienced in the oilfield. Being able to measure rock properties along the lateral is revolutionary for the oilfield, especially because there is minimal risk and no added rig time. I look forward to using Fracture ID technology to continually optimize my completions.”

Matt Mientka, Completions Engineer, FourPoint Energy, LLC

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